Meghan Keener Opp

Producer/ Writer

After studying world dance and culture in 30+ countries in undergrad, Meghan started her career working on big budget feature film sets with directors such as M. Night Shyamalan and Lee Daniels, focusing on art department, costumes, and casting. She moved on to field producing TV shows for TLC, Animal Planet, and I.D. She then became a network producer, developing, producing, and EPing shows like “NY E.R.” (Discovery Health), “Redrum” (I.D.), “Weed Wars”, “Stormchasers” and “Moonshiners” (Discovery Channel). She has produced timely “insta-mentaries” for Discovery, such as “Killing Bin Laden”, “Megaquake”, and “The 9/11 Surfer”. Meghan holds a Master’s in Applied Positive Psychology (the science of well-being) from University of Pennsylvania, where she is assistant faculty. Twitter: @PosPsychology