The show follows creator, former UN Advisor and Alvin Ailey trained dancer, Vandana Hart across the world to explore how dance connects people, places, and culture. From Indonesia and Vietnam, to France, Nigeria, and Lebanon season one of We Speak Dance uncovers how dance is being used as a political weapon. An interconnected web of styles from remote villages, underground groups, and world famous stages reveals how dance joins us together through revolution, sacred ceremonies, and sexuality. 

Season 1 Episodes 1-5

Episode 1: Indonesia
In Bali Vandana navigates the enchanting island through sacred dance offerings, hip-hop collaborations, and ecstatic dance parties.

Episode 2: Vietnam
Dancing from the North to the South of Vietnam Vandana encounters spirit possessions, moonwalkers and intrepid pole dancers. In this episode, she’s also joined by So You Think You Can Dance Judge, Jon Huy Tran, who connects dance to LGBTQI rights.

Episode 3: France
In Paris, Vandana explores the changing French identity through underground dance styles: burlesque, vogue balls and hip-hop battles. Legendary DJ Cut Killer and Rapper Fianso, highlight how music and dance uncover the reality of race relations and immigrant rights, following a close election win by the far right. 

Episode 4: Nigeria
In Lagos, Nigeria Vandana meets Femi Kuti, son of Afrobeat legend Fela Kuti, and gets schooled in street dance and revolution.

Episode 5: Lebanon
In Beirut, Vandana explores how dance unites a city of extremes with stops at a wedding, a refugee camp, and a banging nightclub.


Chris Keener

Director / EP

Karibi Fubara

Executive Producer

Tiago Liko

Cinematographer/ Editor

Iwonka Swenson

Producer/ Writer

Meghan Keener Opp

Producer/ Writer


We Speak Dance aspires to connect a community of dancers from around the world into a global “United Nations of Dance”. The community seeks to spark dialogue and change around the world by using dance as a means of communication, protest, and revolution. The community will rally around short-term fundraising goals for dance classes and social education in areas of need around the world, as well as gather together to spread the power of dance from person to person and nation to nation. Our current campaign revolves around raising funds to bring dance and empowerment classes to Syrian children in a Lebanese refugee camp.

Chris Keener

Director / EP